During this challenging time,
Interns 4-Good is expanding beyond internships and into the classroom

Our interns are now helping students and teachers across the country as they transition to online learning.

1-on-1 tutoring for lower and middle school students

Help parents and teachers navigate online platforms

Create Live and pre-recorded curriculums

Our Students

Our students range from 3rd to 8th grade. Tutors choose a student that fits their schedule and academic strengths,

Attention Teachers!

Our volunteers are creating engaging and enriching curriculums based around core subjects including math, English, humanities, and science.

About Virtual Tutoring

Our virtual volunteering options are a dream come true for our volunteers and their parents alike by removing the transportation component and opening up communities well beyond our local area while also allowing direct interaction with students that need our help.

Sessions occur via laptops and are all recorded to ensure quality and safety.

  • Teaching resources are available for Tutors
  • We report your service hours for you
  • Apply for Interns 4-Good leadership awards
    Let us help you find the right fit:
  • Fill out our tutor application so that we can pair you with a tutee 
    • Help a lower school student with writing
    • Tutor a middle school student in math

…and more

Our Mission:

We created Interns 4-Good to connect high school students with remote, skill-based, internship opportunities at nonprofit organizations that allow them to develop their professional skills while also giving back to worthy causes. 

 Interns 4-Good is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization.