Interview on November 17, 2020

The Young Entrepreneur Connecting Teens With Valuable Nonprofit Experience

Published on Forbes

Ellie Zimmerman is helping pave the road for young people to connect and receive hands-on volunteer experience with nonprofits, demonstrating it is never too early to follow your passion. Now a senior in high school, Ellie started her booming nonprofit Interns 4-Good at age 16 out of her own frustration of not being able to secure an internship realistic for a high school schedule.

Ellie grew up in Purchase, New York with an admiration for photography and interest in learning graphic design. But putting her skills to use outside of school was a challenge. After freshman year, she applied for internships at local nonprofits. “I spent hours sifting through a maze of online marketplaces, with nothing surfacing,” she says. Ellie also reached out to local businesses, all who required prior work experience and at least one year of college. She knew she was up against obstacles having little to do with her capabilities or eagerness to work. The Boys & Girls Club of America offered her a position, but she had to turn it down because her parents were unable to drive her each day

Press Release on September 16, 2020

Points of Light Youth Summit Pitch Contest Finalist

Published on Youtube

Two months ago, the Interns 4-Good team submitted a video pitch detailing our Tablets 4-Good initiative in the 2020 Points of Light Youth Summit Pitch Contest. This annual competition, which runs from July to August, presents the unique opportunity for teen leaders to put their plans for making a real difference in their school communities into action. 

We are thrilled to announce that our video submission was selected as a finalist by the Points of Light team. Along with each of the other winning teams, Interns 4-Good has received a thousand dollar grant to implement our Tablets 4-Good this fall. Specifically, our money will be put towards purchasing refurbished tablets for underprivileged students, enabling these children to take full advantage of virtual learning opportunities.

For more information about Tablets 4-Good and how you can contribute to this important initiative, please visit the tutoring page on our website.

Co-authored Article on September 10, 2020

What an Important Time to be a Volunteer

Published on Points of Light

It has never been easier than right now to find an engaging and meaningful volunteer opportunity – especially  if you’re able to volunteer remotely.

Around the world as nonprofit organizations look for ways to adapt and continue to make a difference in a post COVID-19 reality, they have increasingly been turning to technology to deliver their mission and connect with volunteers using innovative and creative solutions. At Volunteer New York!, a regional volunteer connector organization serving the suburban counties just north of New York City, there has been a 92% increase in volunteer signups since March 2020. When compared to the same time period last year, people have been raising their hands to help now more than ever!

“Several of the opportunities for literacy and tutoring programs that were listed on our website have been so popular that we had to be taken down within days of posting due to so many requests to volunteer,” said Katie Pfiefer, senior director of programs, Volunteer New York!

Interview in Summer 2020

Ellie Zimmerman: Alumna in Action

Published in The Catalyst

Alzar School was founded upon the belief that young people, all on their own, can spark real change and make a positive impact on the world. Institutional procedures, rules and social perceptions of teens as immature mischief-makers often inhibit youth from stepping into leadership positions. Many young people are left feeling like they require guidance or permission in order to act upon issues. Not so at Alzar School! Instilling the confidence and skills to act is central to Alzar School’s Capstone Leadership Course and Culminating Leadership Projects. There is no better example of a young leader than Ellie Zimmerman, Spring 2019 alumna and founder of the 501(c}3 nonprofit, Interns 4-Good.

Interns 4-Good is an online platform that provides high school students with virtual, skills-based internships at nonprofit organizations. Through the Interns 4-Good website, Ellie and her team connect youth with partner nonprofits offering short term internships that draw upon real-life business skills such as Photoshop, web design and film making. The benefits are twofold. Teen volunteers are able to build their resumes, develop professional skills, and complete their service hours and nonprofits gain much-needed support and a way to engage with a younger demographic…

Press Release on August 26, 2020

2020 Top Nonprofit Recognition

Published on PRLOG

Interns 4-Good announced today that it has been named a “2020 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews of charities and nonprofits.

Interns 4-Good pairs teens with remote, skill-based internship opportunities with nonprofit organizations and has recently opened up various educational services to support teachers, parents, and students in their transition to virtual learning.

“We are honored to be named a 2020 Top-Rated Nonprofit,” says Ellie Zimmerman, the CEO and Founder at Interns 4-Good. “We are proud of our accomplishments this year, including our initiative in support of the BLM movement and other social justice organizations, free, virtual tutoring, and technological support for educators through our “tech hotline”.”

The Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is based on the rating and number of reviews that Interns 4-Good received from volunteers, donors, and aid recipients. The organization has many five star ratings and glowing comments…

Interview on July 1, 2020

How Covid-19 Impacts Women's Sports and, Separately, Internships

Aired on WAMC Northeast Public Radio

Press Release on July 1, 2020

Interns 4-Good Virtual Summer Camp

Published on PR Underground

Interns 4-Good, a student-led nonprofit organization based in Westchester, New York, has launched an innovative summer program for students in grades K-8. Recognizing that children everywhere are longing for the structure and interaction that camp provides, Interns 4-Good Summer Camp mimics the small group atmosphere of traditional day camps. The program runs daily from 12 pm-3 pm EST and is free for all students.

Interns 4-Good was created in 2018 to provide teens with virtual internship opportunities with nonprofits. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Interns 4-Good has mobilized its over 3,500 volunteers to add education-related services to help younger children, teachers, and parents navigate the transition to online learning.

Social distancing orders during this summer season poses a new set of unique challenges for students and their families. Interns 4-Good Summer Camp is designed with this in mind…

Interview in June 2020

Teenager, Feminist, Entrepreneur, Ellie Zimmerman

Published in Sprit Magazine

It isn’t often that one meets someone who is kind, and thoughtful, and innovative all at once, but Ellie Zimmerman is one of those uniquely wonderful people. Most teens aren’t CEO of their own company by senior year of high school, but then Ellie isn’t most teens. She’s passionate about the environment and approves wholeheartedly of service learning. In fact, it was on a semester school trip to Chile that she was inspired to start her nonprofit organization: Interns 4-Good. Ellie is easy to talk to, and I’m chatting with her after one of the regular Interns 4-Good leadership team meetings. She’s a good leader: someone who is easy to look up to and admire. She’s firm in a friendly way and makes good executive decisions. Ellie says she started Interns 4-Good because she knows how hard it can be for high school students to find opportunities to help with different things they are passionate about, but also because there are many nonprofits out there who need support from interns. Her organization helps with both needs. They provide high school students with opportunities to assist nonprofits; these projects are called 4-G Gigs. Ellie’s idea (originally dreamed up as she backpacked across Patagonia National Park) has come a long way. It wasn’t always easy, she admits, but her family and friends from her semester school gave her full support. She has both a mentor and role model in her mother, a hardworking businesswoman

Interview in June 2020

Connecting Students with Remote Skill-Based Internship Opportunities

Published in the Harrison Herald

During these unprecedented times, eager high school student volunteers are ready to help non profit organizations by providing technical support and other skilled based services. Some even are available for homework help and to teach classes via Zoom. 

These teens are part of, a 501 c-3 non profit, led by CEO and founder, Ellie Zimmerman of Purchase. Going into her senior year at Rye Country Day School, she spends at least 5 hours a day on this endeavor, reaching out to her 18 member leadership team. 

Zimmerman envisioned the idea for Interns4Good, 18 months ago, while she was hiking on a school trip. She reached out to everyone she knew to find participants for the program. Then, last summer she received a grant from Google, applied for non profit status and searched for companies that would need teens for online internships. 

“When our program was created, I got a bunch of internships lined up and wanted to assure the credibility. I rely on my leadership team, kids from all over the country. There’s no overlap in territory and they reach out to their own communities. That’s what makes the leadership team so cool,” she explains. 

“I have weekly meetings with the leadership team. They are all so hard working and help me. Through our site, we have signed up about one thousand students. Some tutor students in K-12 grades and others are working for non profits as volunteers in internship programs. In addition, there are other volunteers that help parents with technology,” she says…

Press Release in May 2020

President's Volunteer Service Award Certifying Organization

Interns 4-Good is proud to announce that our organization has been certified to administer the President’s Volunteer Service Award. Founded in 2003 by the President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, the President’s Volunteer Service Award celebrates the important role volunteers play in shaping America’s culture and national identity. This prestigious award recognizes individuals whose service positively impacts communities across the nation and inspires those around them to follow in their footsteps. As a certifying organization, Interns 4-Good will now be able to reward the hard-work and dedication of our many devoted volunteers.

Press Release on May 6, 2020

Engaging Online Curricula

Published on PRLOG
Interns 4-Good, a student-led nonprofit organization based in New York City, is adding members to help parents and teachers transition to online learning. Recognizing the need for comprehensive lessons, Interns 4-Good volunteers are creating and publishing free online curriculums for teachers to access remotely. These curriculums are easily-accessible through the Interns 4-Good website. The organization continues to offer free 1-on-1 online homework help to hundreds of students.

“There are not enough hours in the day to give my students the help they need, especially those who need extra support,” asserts Ms. Jacobsen, a fifth grade teacher. “Traditional lesson plans are just not effective online.”

Interns 4-Good is attempting to solve this problem through engaging online curriculums for elementary and middle schoolers, many of which can be taught live by their members. A wide range of curriculums are available, from teaching students basic French to introducing children to the stock market. Lessons are still being added and users can even request a curriculum on the Interns 4-Good website…

Our Mission

Interns 4-Good is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization connecting high school students with remote, skill-based internship opportunities at nonprofit organizations, allowing them to build their resumes while giving back to worthy causes.

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