Meet Our Team

Ellie Zimmerman

Ceo & Founder

Ellie is a 12th grader from Westchester, New York. When she is not working on Interns 4-Good, Ellie loves spending time outdoors. In fact, the idea for Interns 4-Good was inspired while Ellie was backpacking in Patagonia National Park. After hearing her peers discuss the difficulties of finding job and internship opportunities as high schoolers, Ellie became determined to find a way to put their special skills to work. By catering to high schoolers’ lack of transportation and busy schedules through virtual internship opportunities with nonprofits, Interns 4-Good enables teens in giving back and building their resumes. Ellie is especially passionate about causes that work to combat social inequality. In the future, Ellie plans to continue working in education and the nonprofit world. 

ellie zimmerman

Leadership Team

Ellie Zimmerman

A special thank you to...


Nonprofit Partners

Our fifteen founding organizations who got us off the ground and the others who inspire our members with exciting, skill -based jobs.


Interns + Virtual Tutors

Without the hard work of our students, we would not exist. We have new students signing up each day, eager to get to work


Teachers + Schools

Thanks to the support of teachers and partner schools, we are able to support hundreds of students in their learning through our curriculums and tutoring.

Our Mission:

We created Interns 4-Good to connect high school students with remote, skill-based, internship opportunities at nonprofit organizations that allow them to develop their professional skills while also giving back to worthy causes. 

 Interns 4-Good is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization.