Interns 4-Good is run by a diverse team of passionate, hard-working high school students from across the United States.

Ellie Zimmerman

Founder and CEO

While backpacking in the Owyhee Mountains, Ellie and her friends contemplated the difficulty of finding meaningful and accessible internships in high school. Inspired by this discussion, Ellie founded Interns 4-Good, an online platform connecting high school students with internships at transformational nonprofit organizations. Since its inception, Ellie and her leadership team have provided thousands of motivated interns with the unique opportunity to build their resumes while giving back to worthy causes.

Leadership Team

Leora Mouli

Chief Operating officer

Deyan Kassev

chief marketing officer

Krishna Hariprasad

head of internships

Allene Yue

Chief Volunteer Liason

Ranjana Ramesh

regional director

Alexis Eskenazi

head coordinator

Raaghav Malik

chief technology officer

Sid Solaiyappan

Head of internships

Sahana Datta

head of Human resources

Annie Mokatsyan

volunteer coordinator

Sarah Kim

Intern coordinator

Katherinne Fox

regional director

Sanjana Llango

head of Public Relations

Paean Luby

regional director

Kim Peretz

head of Social Media

Jaylen Adams

Director of blog

Grace Ross

BLM initiative lead

Navin Ramesh

volunteer coordinator

Catherine Jia

Director of outreach

Do not hesitate to reach out to any member of our leadership team with questions regarding our organization. When possible, please try to direct your questions to the team member whose title best reflects the subject of your inquiry.

Our Mission

Interns 4-Good is a 501(c)-3 nonprofit organization connecting high school students with remote, skill-based internship opportunities at nonprofit organizations, allowing them to build their resumes while giving back to worthy causes.

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