Interns 4-Good is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
We are run by a diverse team of passionate, hard-working volunteers.

Ellie Zimmerman


While backpacking in the Owyhee Mountains, Ellie and her friends contemplated the difficulty of finding meaningful internships in high school. Inspired by this discussion, Ellie went on to found Interns 4-Good, an online platform bridging the gap between nonprofits and volunteers. Since its inception, the organization has empowered countless motivated students and left a lasting mark on communities around the world.

Deyan Kassev

Chief Marketing Officer

Allene Yue

President of Tutoring

Akshi Malhotra

Internship Coordinator

Annie Mokatsyan

Chief Operating Officer

Ranjana Ramesh

Chief Networking Officer

Diya Deliwala

Volunteer Coordinator

Joselyn Yoo

Social Media Intern

Sid Solaiyappan

President of Internships

Navin Ramesh

Director of Recruitment

Courtney Stringer

Service Hours Intern

Nicole Cai

Networking Intern

Krishna Hariprasad

President of Internships

Aditi Rai

Chief HR Officer

Shreya Iyer

Onboarding Intern

Do not hesitate to reach out to any member of our leadership team with questions regarding our organization. When possible, please try to direct your questions to the team member whose title best reflects the subject of your inquiry.